Ukrainian National Transporting CompanyUkrainian National Stevedore Company
Today the «Ukrainian National Transport Company» and the «Ukrainian National Stevedore company» is a transporting holding, which united 230 like-minded persons having devoted themselves to this not easy business, it is the reloading complex, allowing to accept and place on the areas up to 150 thousand tons of export-import cargoes of covered storage, is modern loading technics and technological lines which enable qualitatively processing of various kinds of cargoes: metal rolling, a paper, saw-timbers, citron, motor-vehicles.
  Contact information
 Ukraine, 65004, Odessa
 Tamozhennaya square, 1
 +38 (048) 49-60-26 (5 lines)
 +38 (048) 49-60-25
 +38 (048) 729-34-21
 +38 (048) 729-45-36


Our services

  • Freight forwarding
  • Stevedore operations
  • Cargo transportation along the railroads
  • Warehouse services and storage
  • Cargo separation
  • Cargo survey services
  • Freightage
  • Custom declaration
  • Insurance

Additional info

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